The Platform

Background and Methodology

The Foundation transfers knowledge and understanding in critical areas of state governance through an extensive, modular Platform that provides countries with the necessary tools in order to enable local professionals and decision makers to acquire and apply relevant and implementable know-how based on global best practices.

The Platform’s modules consist in each of its substantive areas of the following programs:

  1. Public education of the general population that is transmitted through all forms of media (television, radio, print, internet)
  2. Capacity building of professionals and political leaders
  3. State infrastructure, including pertinent legislation, administrative regulation, organizational and implementation guidelines for supervisory authorities, financial institutions, capital markets participants, and the judiciary
  4. Transaction execution and quality standards in all aspects of financial and capital markets.

All modules contain detailed implementation guidelines, thereby introducing a high degree of responsibility and accountability to the teams and individuals mandated with the particular implementation tasks. This methodology allows the Foundation to combine academic excellence with the execution of applied knowledge for the benefit of political, economic and social progress and wellbeing.

Country Teams for Knowledge Transfer

The know-how transfer of the Platform’s modules takes place in the Principality of Liechtenstein through intensive training sessions for select representatives of states that license the Platform from the Foundation. These representatives include current- and next-generation leaders and senior officials from all areas of state governance, such as government and parliamentary representatives, judges, lawyers, economists, members of supervisory authorities, teachers at all academic levels, journalists, psychologists, and other professional groups. They are selected based on the seniority of their positions and their ability to implement the pertinent modules as well as multiply the knowledge base in their country in strategic "teach-the-teacher" efforts.

Foundation Training Center

The initial training takes place over approximately one week in the Foundation’s training center in Vaduz. The reason the Platform’s know-how transfer can be accomplished in such a relatively short time is based on the Platform’s special methodology that emphasizes not only the transmission of the Platform’s core deliverables (such as television and radio scripts for the public education program, model laws and regulations, or due diligence guidelines and questionnaires), but also contains all the necessary tools to ensure the transfer, absorption, implementation and dissemination of this know-how. In this regard, the participants of the initial training session at the Foundation’s training center in Vaduz acquire not just the extensive knowledge to satisfy the development needs in their home country, but also the tools to ensure that (a) the Platform’s modules are properly tailored and applied to their country’s own political, economic, social and cultural reality, and (b) the pool of skilled professionals and decision makers in their home country continues to grow through systematic training programs and schedules, usually carried out in a dedicated Center of Excellence and Education. The Foundation’s staff advises and guides this initial group of state representatives throughout the tailoring and implementation of the applicable Platform modules over the course of the license period.

New Platform Modules

The Foundation is expanding the Platform’s past emphasis on financial literacy and economic development, including the supervision and improvement of financial and capital markets, which has proven its value over the last decade in many successful initiatives. New Platform modules will gradually include other critical aspects of state governance, such as taxation, property regulation and registration, education system, criminal justice system, healthcare, and political self-determination.

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